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Reflection Over X-Axis & Y-Axis

It is generally used to examine the symmetry of a figure or reshape it in some way.

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How do you write an equation reflected over the x-axis?

Reflection over the x-axis equation works by taking each point of an object and making a new point that is horizontally opposite of its original position, ensuring that the vertical distance between them remains unchanged.

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Reflection Over The X and Y Axis: The Complete Guide

As such, when objects are reflected over the x-axis, their y coordinates will remain consistent, while their x coordinates change.

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What is the rule for a reflection across the x-axis?

Reflecting an object this way is helpful for graphing certain functions; it can help accurately reflect a graph around a certain point as well.

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Reflection of x axis equation

Reflecting over the x-axis equation is a math procedure used to reflect an object on the x-axis.


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