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For all the problems that I have used it for have all been right, has carried me through middle school and high-school. Such a good homework tells me how to do it as nd at the bottom it tells you the answer and I am 13 and I love it but you should improve one thing,when you take a picture of the whole page it puts all the problems in one and tells you the answer to all the problems together answer.

David Sanders

So good and easy to use. Espically during virtual learning. Whenever you need help, it will always help. Based off what you put in the equation line it narrows down your equation options to you don't have to needlessly scroll to find the function you need and you don't need to guess if you have the right one.

John Winston

Also, I mainly like the explanations and steps for solving the math problem, best app for maths students, i can't describe how many times this app has saved me. After you type in your problem it tells you the answer and step by step instructions on how they got the answer.

Julio Bowman

3 simultaneous equations solver

Fortunately, modern technology provides us with a simultaneous equations solver with steps.

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Simultaneous equation solver 3 variables

Solving simultaneous equations can be a daunting task without help.
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How to solve simultaneous equations with 3 variables

This can take the guesswork out of solving simultaneous equations, and make the entire process easier for students who may not have enough understanding of algebra to solve them alone.

Simultaneous equations 3 variables

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