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How to change a decimal to fraction

Then simplify or reduce the fraction by dividing both numbers that make up the fraction--the numerator (top) and denominator (bottom)--by the same number.

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How to convert Decimal to Fraction

To find this number you make use of factoring until you can longer factor any further numbers out of both 8 and 10; in this case, they are both divisible by 2 so 8/10 = 4/5.

How To Convert Decimals to Fractions

So 0.8 converted to a fraction becomes 4/5.

Decimal to Fraction: 3 Easy Steps — Mashup Math

Changing the decimal number into a fraction is not complicated; the first step is to write down the number as if it were a fraction without any denominator.

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Decimal to Fraction Calculator

For example, to change 0.8 into a fraction, you would write 8/10.

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Converting Decimals to Fractions (Tenths, Hundredths,

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